You`ll find various scans of game boxes here, aswell as adverts found in paper magazines. The artwork was drawn by BOB WAKELIN, Ocean`s famous in-house artist responsible for almost all of their fantastic cover- and advert illustrations!
Please notice that the original full-size images are not stored on this website.

|Box Scans|

Our chopper tailed-out after taking a hit... the pilot won`t be leaving the ground again. Now I have to lead my weary platoon back to our lines through the jungles and paddy fields. Entering what appears to be a friendly village, only to find it is a cover for a guerilla faction, is just one of the things that helps our insomnia... that and the elusive psycho in my squad - I gotta figure out who he is before the morale factor becomes our worst enemy. Will this stupid war never end!

Box front (AMIGA, NTSC)

Box back (AMIGA, NTSC)



Box front (DOS, PAL)

Box front (AMIGA/ST, PAL)


|Advert scans|

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UK advert

Italian advert