Have a look at these fine sites listed below for more informations on 'The Lost Patrol' and for some more hours of retro gaming nostalgia. There are lots of files related to the game to be downloaded here aswell. You definately won`t find any links to disk-images though!


Now go and get Makke`s HIGH-QUALITY MP3-CONVERSION of the original score here!


The biggest and best Amiga-only game database. With lots of screenshots, box-scans and other goodies. Click here for Lost Patrol`s database entry.

Probably the biggest and most complete game database there is. Click here for comments and informations on the game.

Game database covering all kinds of platforms. With lots of infos and trivia. Click here for Lost Patrol`s database entry.

Atari resource page with lots of nostalgic stuff such as magazine scans and a game database. Click here for more informations on the game.

Legends never die! The best and probably most complete Atari(ST/E)-only game database there is. Click here for Lost Patrol`s database entry.

Lemon Amiga! Fantastic resource page including an amiga game database and a forum. Click here for Lost Patrol`s database entry.

German language. Great site covering various classic game magazines. Lots of magazine scans. Comment and rate your favourite games there!

German language. Lots of reviews from classic game magazines.

HUGHE archive offering complete (!) issues of old french computer magazines such as Tilt, Gen 4 or Joystick for download. Check it out!

Take a look at Bob Wakelin`s work for Ocean Software here. Quite a lot of scans and some interesting informations.

Fine Amiga game museum. Don`t forget to have a look at it`s great sister site AmigaMicro.com, your number one  source for vintage Amiga software.


Get Chris Glaister`s fantastic music from the Amiga-version here! Yep, that`s the famous tune. One of the most memorable songs in Amiga`s history!


Get Jonathan Dunn`s original music from the Atari ST-version here. No conversion of the Amiga music, but a whole new song. Very good work!

Get Makke`s moooody HIGH-QUALITY MP3 CONVERSION of the original Amiga score here.  Some kind of a 'Phill Collins meets The Lost Patrol' remix. Great!

Get Nautilus` fine MP3 CONVERSION of Chris Glaister`s original Amiga score here. This remix starts off rather weak, but gets better with every second...

Click here to get a SID CONVERSION of Chris Glaister`s amiga score. There has never been a c64 version of the game, though.

Click here for the MIDI CONVERSION of Chris Glaister`s Amiga score. Transfer this file to your cellphone and use it as POLYPHONIC RINGTONE.

The best player for tracked music ever. Needed to enjoy the original Amiga-score. Supports a huge range of music formats.

Project sc68

You`ll need the sc68 winamp-plugin to enjoy the original Atari-score. This plug-in supports some rare Atari and Amiga music formats.

Get the Amiga cracktro by Angels converted to flash here. You`ll find lots of converted cracktros on this page. Very cool idea!

WHD Load

Click here to get a hd-installer for the Amiga version. You`ll need the original disks to install the game to your Amiga harddrive.

Home of the famous Amiga-emulator for win32.
Home of the well known Atari St-emulator.