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Here are some more pictures that were made for the game, some of them could not be shown in their full size back then due to design restrictions. Click on a thumbnail to display images in their original resolution of 320x200 pixel in size and their original palette of up to 32 colours.


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|Pixel Pushing|

All images were created using an Amiga computer and verion 2.0 of Electronic Arts` famous DeluxePaint, the program that became the most important application for graphic artists right after it`s release in the middle 80s.


Without any image processing tools, 320x200 single pixel had to be put together with basically one pixel at a time. As a result from these limitations, only skilled artists were able to bring descent images to the screen...


With the evergrowing market for phone-based games, 2-dimensional graphics are becoming more and more important again. The rather low quality of today`s mobile games is changing to the better as skilled artists from the golden days of home computing are slowly returning to business.

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